ABON Primary Sizer

ABON Primary Sizer

Primary Sizer Teeth

ABON Primary Teeth

Secondary Sizer

ABON Secondary Sizer

Secondary Teeth

ABON Secondary Teeth

Tertiary Sizer

ABON Tertiary / Quaternary Sizer

Tertiary Teeth

ABON Tertiary / Quaternary Teeth

“Low Speed Sizing Technology is the employment of a combination of high torque / low roll speeds and tooth profiles to arrive at specified end product sizes with a minimum of fines production.”

Throughout the world, ABON Sizers have been commissioned in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary high tonnage Coal and Ore crushing duties.

Low Speed Sizing is one of the more unique crushing technologies in the world today. A combination of high torque and low roll speeds with a unique tooth profile in the ABON equipment leads to a specified product with a minimum of fines creation.

ABON Sizers have several advantages over traditional high speed impact type crushers relevant to the mining industry.

Some of the features of the ABON Low Speed Sizers are;

    • ROM feed size up to 2,000 mm

    • Capabilities in excess of 10,000 mtph

    • Minimal fines creation

    • Insensitive to clay and sticky materials

    • Pre-scalping of undersize not required

    • Exceptionally low headroom requirements

    • Simple infrastructure requirements due to minimal dynamic loads placed on the supports and structure

    • Long wear life of consumable components due to positive bite and minimal feed slip.

ABON 13/300CCTD Primary Sizer

ABON 13/300CCTD Primary Sizer